About The Artist

Chris Booras has lived on Cape Cod for most of his life. He has effused his life with his love for the ocean. As a fisherman, lobsterman and naturalist, "Chris has always been most at home on the water." As an avid fisherman, you will find Chris out in his boat fishing.

Chris Booras began carving as a young teen and has combined his artistic talent with his passion for the sea to create such masterpieces of various carvings.

In his carvings he allows for the natural beauty and unique quality of chosen wood. Chris Booras hand carves graceful and elegant individual works of art.

Please contact Chris if you are interested in owning one of his beautifully crafted carvings or would like more information.

Some of his other carvings include masks, shells, lobster claws and ducks. He is always eager for new carving experiences.